Unicorn Ornamnets – DIY

One of the biggest trends of 2016 has got to be the unicorn. Wouldn’t you say? From cakes and cookies, to pillows, flair, emojis, party supplies, fashions, you name it, unicorns were on it. Earlier this year I designed my own unicorn cookie cutter (they’ll be back in stock early next year,) I also made unicorn pumpkins for Halloween. Today I tried my hand at making unicorn ornaments, or Unicornaments as I like to call them.

Unicorn Ornaments | Posh Little Designs

They turned out pretty magical!

Unicorn Ornaments | Posh Little Designs

Apologies for the silly pun, but it’s true..unicornament magic!

Unicorn Ornaments | Posh Little Designs

I made them using clear glass bulb ornaments, which reflect like a rainbow in the light, as you can see below.

Unicorn Ornaments | Posh Little Designs

Can I also mention that they’re super easy to make?!

If you need a last-minute present, gift topper, or are just looking for a chic way to dress up your tree, this DIY is right up your alley.



Unicorn Ornaments | Posh Little Designs

Clear glass medium-sized ornaments.

Glitter Glue (I use Martha Stewart)

Gold & Silver Glitter (Martha Stewart)

Black & Gold Acrylic Paint (I use Martha Stewart)

1 medium tip paint brush.

Model Magic Clay or similar.

Gorilla Glue.

I N S T R U C T I O N S 

1. Brush your glitter glue along the top and one front side of your ornament. 

2. Cover the glue with silver or gold glitter, or a color of your choice. Allow 15 minutes to dry.

3. Once glitter has dried, paint on your eye lashes using black paint and a fine tip paint brush.

4. Make two black dots underneath the eyelashes, in the center of each ornament, for the nose.

5. Roll out a small piece of Model Magic clay until it’s about 3 inches long and half an inch wide. Separate into two even pieces.

6. Pinch the bottom of the two pieces of rolled clay together, to form a “V” shape.

7. Twist the two pieces of clay together, then roll it on a solid surface putting most of the pressure towards the top of the spirals (or unicorn horns).

8. Roll out 1 piece of model magic to about 1/4 inches thick. Using scissors, cut out 1/4″ sized triangles for the ears.

9. Paint your unicorn horns and ears gold and allow 30 minutes to dry.

10. Once dry, place a dot of glue right above the eyelashes on the top center of each of your ornaments and attach your horn. 

11. Place glue on either side of your unicorn horn, in a strip for each ear. 

12. Attach your ears and set aside to dry.

Repeat these steps for all your ornaments.

When they’re dry, they’re ready to hang on the tree.

Unicorn Ornaments | Posh Little Designs

 Festively adorable and so on trend.

Unicorn Ornaments | Posh Little Designs

And the perfect little DIY for the holiday weekend. 

Unicorn Ornaments | Posh Little Designs

Have fun with these cuties! 

I wish you all a magical holiday weekend! 

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