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Peach - Charcuterie-Fruit-Cheese-Dessert-Board-Appetizers-Entertaining


A selection of summer fruits and accompaniments make up this sweet summer charcuterie board. Perfect for afternoon snacking and easy entertaining.


  • 1 marble or wood board.
  • 2 peaches. One sliced into rounds and the other for garnish or slicing on the board.
  • 1.5 cups rainier cherries.
  • 3/4 cup salted marcona almonds.
  • 1 triangle of french imported brie.
  • Raw or salted cashews.
  • 1 cube of raw honeycomb.
  • Crackers or toast points of choice.
  • French macarons for a sweet finish. Store bought will do!
  • Roses or flowers of choice for garnish.


  1. Start by arranging the peaches and cherries on the board. Place them on opposite ends of each other for visual appeal.
  2. Place the cheese next to the cherries and the marcona almonds next to the peaches.
  3. Leave room for the dish of honeycomb and place the french macarons directly across from it.
  4. Fill the empty spaces with crackers, toasts and nuts.
  5. Garnish with fresh blooms or herbs.
  6. Serve charcuterie with small appetizer forks, cheese knives, plates and don’t forget the wine!
  7. Enjoy!