Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, my apologies. On Monday last week I had to go in for flexor tendon repair surgery after cutting my hand washing dishes. The surgery has left me with only one usable hand while recovering. Since I’m a righty, the struggle’s been real. 

Typing one-handed, and trying to navigate photography the same way (in addition to everything else) has been a challenge, but I have a new-found appreciation for the little things. Yesterday I managed to make a smoothie bowl on my own and photograph it too (tiny victory)! It might’ve taken me double the time to do it, but it sure felt like a big accomplishment. I initially shared the post on instagram but it turned out so yummy, I wanted to blog the full recipe here.

The smoothie bowl is vibrant with a hint of tart from the berries and sweet from the banana. It’s made with almond milk to keep it vegan/dairy free. The chia seeds and frozen blackberries add a delightful textured garnish and the color scheme transported me to a tropical place, giving me vacation vibes while it snowed outside.

Yes to simple, delicious and quick breakfast/lunch options. It’s also a great healthy treat to enjoy while healing.

Smoothie Bowl love.


A blend of fresh and frozen fruits make up this vibrant smoothie bowl. Garnished with berries and chia seeds. Vegan. Serves 2.


1 large banana peeled.

1 cup hulled and halved strawberries.

3/4 cup frozen blackberries.

3/4 cups almond milk.

4-6 ice cubes.

Extra banana slices, halved strawberries and blackberries berries for garnish.

Chia seeds for garnish.


Place your banana, berries, milk and ice in a blender.

Blend on high until smooth and combined.

Add more milk or ice if necessary.


Divide the berry banana blend evenly between two bowls.

Garnish with banana slices, strawberry halves and frozen blackberries.

Top with chia seeds.

Serve immediately. 


 The unexpected surgery has forced me to keep things simple, but I’m not mad about it. Sometimes less is more and simplicity is chic. My life could definitely be more simplified, so perhaps that’s the silver lining and lesson attached to this entire experience. There’s always some good we can pull from challenges in our life amiright? Furthermore, challenges often inspire us to make changes for the better. I’m grateful for good health and hopeful that by taking care of myself and eating right I can heal quickly.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy this bowl of deliciousness. I’ll be keeping the posh shop closed while I recover, but plan to be posting here consistently again.


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2 thoughts on “Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

  1. That looks so good Brandi. It's one of those dishes that are nearly too pretty to consume and yet, you know it will taste as amazing as it looks. How can you go wrong with berries especially the queen of berries..the blackberry. The way you've styled the bowl with the garnishes of banana slices, berries and chia seeds is just visually stunning. The addition of the pure white board background and pretty flower petals gives it a tropical feel. well done!
    1. I've been dreaming of warm weather so that was what inspired the bowl. True you can never go wrong with berries. Thank you! I specifically love this because of its color and flavors. Maybe... actually hopefully we'll get a little spring weather so I can make more of them soon! 💖

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