Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes

February has arrived and now that the Super Bowl is over, I’m switching my focus from football and the painful loss all of us 12s experienced on Sunday, towards some much lovelier things. Yep! I’m choosing not to dwell on what could have been, or what should have been in the final minute of the game and instead drowning my sorrows in pretty pink roses (kidding) but honestly…flowers are truly the way to my heart, especially when I’m feeling a little down. I just adore the way they brighten my mood and bring a smile. So armed with tons of blooms and feeling motivated by the happiness they bring me, I’ve preserved and transformed the leftovers into pretty little beverage garnishes to share with all of you. These cubes are so gorge and perfect for the upcoming arrival of V-Day in soft tinted pink. They’ll fill your glass with floral and fruity notes and dress up your favorite beverages in an instant for easy entertaining.

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

DIY Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes

Pink petite roses and fresh raspberries frozen into cubes of distilled water to add a touch of posh to your favorite beverage. I chose to pair these cubes with Rhubarb flavored DRY Soda (that just happens to come in a pretty pink bottle.) Did I mention it comes in a pink bottle? Not only that, but the soda is local to Seattle (fitting) all natural, and complements the fruit and floral notes of the cubes beautifully.

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

Ingredients/Supply List

1 gallon of Distilled water

6-12 fresh rinsed raspberries

6-8 petite pink/white roses (look for organics free of pesticides) Check Trader Joes, Whole foods, or other local organic stores. You can also use home grown.

1 large block silicone ice cube tray (6 cavities) or a regular sized cube tray will do

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs


Boil 3 cups of distilled water and allow it to completely cool (this will give your cubes a crystal clear look)

While water is cooling prep your flowers. Remove the blooms from the stem and soak them in water. Allow to soak for 10-15 minutes to remove any residue.

Pull roses from water and remove some of the petals.

Place a few single petals and raspberries into each ice cube cavity. You can switch up the design of each cube by adding a few white rose petals, or an entire bloom to the cavities.

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

Pour cooled distilled water over the top of each tray and fill about half way full.

Place in the freezer until frozen solid.

Remove from freezer and pour remaining distilled water over the cubes and continue to freeze until they’ve turned into cubes.

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

Place one frozen floral cube in each glass

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

and top with Rhubarb DRY soda (or beverage of your choice).

Here’s how the cubes look once melted. Lovely!

Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes | Posh Little Designs

Use these cubes to add a touch of posh to your drinks of choice. I’m envisioning a girl’s day brunch cocktails or romantic Valentine’s beverages with your love. Really any idea above will do.

Hope you’re looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. Thanks as always for reading!


This specific concept for Raspberry Rose Ice Cubes was seen first on Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved. 2011-2015.

All Images are photographed and owned property of Posh Little Designs. All Rights Reserved 2015.

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  1. I love these! They bring up daydreams of sitting on the back porch in summer sipping a fruity cocktail with beautifully floral ice cubes. Thanks for the tutorial!

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